Using Trance Gate

The Lethal Audio synthesizer offers an impressive, yet straightforward Trance Gate that can be used with almost any core library or expansion sound.

Lethal gives you the option to select any of the many exciting pre-installed patterns by clicking on the drop down arrow located to the left of Copy. The opportunities for experimentation are endless with fully editable settings such as Rate, Size, Delay and Fade In settings at your disposal.

The note playback settings can be adjusted by the Mix, Width, Contour and Shuffle parameters. The Trance Gate’s on-screen blocks make it incredibly simple to edit and create patterns using a clear visual aid. You can arrange the blocks by clicking and dragging them to their desired position or you can add or remove blocks by left clicking or right clicking on them respectively.

Once you’re happy with your arrangement, Lethal makes saving your presets simple by clicking Copy, clicking on the existing preset name, editing the name to your desire and clicking save.