Using Amp

The Lethal Audio Amp section is divided into 3 subsections: ENV, LFO and CRV with all three easily manipulated through acute functionality and familiar parameters and layout to make you feel right at home and comfortable, even before pushing a button.

In the envelope section (ENV), the standard Attack, Delay, Sustain and Release functions can be found along with Velocity and Amp parameters. Velocity level corresponds to how hard the keys on the MIDI keyboard are played while the Amp function acts essentially as a secondary volume knob.

The LFO tab gives you parameters to create impressive amp effects such as a Saw LFO, achieving a simple, sidechaining effect. This can be attained by selecting Sync, Beat and selecting the Saw waveform with the desired rate and amount. The Position parameter controls where the wave cycle will start while the time taken for the waveform to reach maximum amplitude is controlled using Fade In.

The Curve (CRV) tab gives you the ability to shape the Attack, Decay and Release of the amp. This is helpful to create unique shaping of your sounds.

Don’t believe us? We’ve got you covered! Make your way over to the tutorial video to experience the full capabilities of the Lethal Amp section first hand.