Using Arp

The Lethal arpeggiator (ARP) is simple, yet effective with musical and precise timing. The clear, graphical interface makes either editing or loading presets close to effortless. Adding to the Arp’s versatility is its ability to be used with any sound. Taking a chord, breaking it down to an arpeggio and having the ability to manipulate it in whatever way you see fit makes an Arp an essential tool in a producer’s musical arsenal.

You can easily select any of the pre-installed patterns by clicking on the drop-down arrow and edit settings such as Range, Size, Mode and Octave. Note playback settings can be adjusted by the length, shuffle and strum parameters.

The Arp on-screen blocks can be edited conveniently by either right clicking to remove blocks or left clicking to add blocks. Notes can also be extended by dragging blocks to the desired position. Once you’re done editing and want to save your own Arp presets, simply click Copy, double-click the name of the existing preset, change it to your new desired name and click Save.

Experience it all for yourself by watching the informative tutorial video and enjoy the adaptability and capabilities of Lethal’s Arp.