Using Core FX

Lethal Audio features an array of powerful FX and general sound shaping functions hardwired for easy use and spontaneous creativity.

● Noise
● Unison
● Vibrato
● Stereo Expander
● Drive
● Shine
● Direction
● Chord

No synth would be complete without a noise generator to add discord and character to your sounds. Lethal offers white, pink and blue noise flavours for you to choose from.

The Unison feature is globally popular and, with Lethal, you have one of the best at your disposal. Unison can be set up to 8 voices with the detuning knob available to spread the voices however harmoniously you prefer.

A practical Vibrato is set by the standard rate and depth whilst the Stereo Expander enriches your sounds by widening them with width and delay parameters to spread across the stereo field.

The convenient Drive and Shine parameters boost and brighten/muffle your sound respectively.

Lethal has worked tirelessly to bring you a Chord feature that is both simple to use and abundant with voicing options. Set the synth to play notes, fifth intervals, seventh intervals, multiple octave intervals, major and minor chords and more.

Attaining reverse sound effects is as easy as pressing a button with the Direction feature that allows you to assign the direction a preset will be played.

The Glide function is an amazing addition which is easy to use and completely opens up your world of chords and harmony. Simply click between Poly and Mono to allow multiple notes on playback at once or a single-note function and adjust the Glide parameter for the speed of the bend between notes. The full capabilities of the Glide function are expertly expressed in the tutorial video with a number of examples shown.

Experiment with all these fantastic features built around versatility and quality to create your own voice and cement yourself on the world’s musical landscape.