Using Filter

Lethal Audio’s Filter is smooth and deep with a responsive envelope and LFO. The Filter page is divided into 4 subsections namely FIL, ENV, LFO and CRV.

Under the FIL tab, you can select from a range of different filters by clicking Type or clicking the parameter to bring up the list of filters available from standard low-pass, high-pass and band- pass options to slightly more unusual ones like low and high shelf.

Lethal have added a Drive parameter that can either be positive or negative. This makes it interesting when adding or subtracting additional harmonics from the filtered sound. Moving the Cutoff value will adjust the frequency of the filter while the Resonance parameter adjusts the resonance amount. Slope adjusts the slope of the filter type.

Both the FIL and envelope (ENV) tabs are linked allowing you to create unique shaping of the sounds using the filter. Playing around with the envelope parameters will offer you countless amazing filter effects.

Moving on to the LFO and CRV tabs, the parameters are almost identical to the Amp’s corresponding tabs except they shape the sound using the filter. Be aware that these parameters are linked to the FIL tab too.

What are you waiting for? Enjoy the tutorial video and explore the vast capabilities of Lethal’s Filter section.