Using FX

Lethal Audio have designed a streamlined FX section which allows you to add up to 6 simultaneous effects:

● Reverb
● Delay
● Chorus
● Phaser
● Distortion
● Equaliser
● Bit Crusher

Once in the FX tab, turn on the tab by selecting the On/Off button on the top left and simply add FX by clicking on any of the blocks at the top of the page and select your desired effect from the selection shown. Not only can you use all 6 FX simultaneously but they can also be selected, dragged and dropped anywhere in the FX signal chain. The Bypass button is available for any effect in the chain, giving you even more versatility when creating your own sounds.

As with all the FX, you can choose from pre-installed settings or you could create your own and save by simply clicking Copy, renaming the filename to your desire and clicking Save. A whole new world awaits with the versatility and quality of Lethal FX.