Using Pitch

Much like the Amp and Filter sections, the Lethal Audio Pitch page offers you separate tabs called ENV, LFO and CRV with their own range of familiar parameters. We begin with the envelope (ENV) tab which features standard ADSR (Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release) parameters corresponding to pitch shaping. Along with added parameters Velocity, Keytrack, Amount and Tune, you can experiment vastly with creative ways to reach the.

The LFO tab within the Pitch allows you to uniquely shape the sounds with endless possibilities by choosing from a selection of waveforms and adjusting parameters such as Rate and Amount. Watch the tutorial for examples of how to use LFO parameters to create your own cool pitch effects.

The Curve (CRV) tab within pitch gives you the ability to shape the Attack, Decay and Release of the pitch envelope tab, giving you even more control over your sounds.